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Static Guards vs Mobile Patrols

The process can be simplified. It is essential to determine the type of security staffing your property requires, which can help shape the rest of your structure. The central aspect of the security staffing issue is: do you need static guards or mobile patrols? While both add a human element to their security framework, they adapt to different areas and have unique operational requirements that must be taken into account.

Static Guards

Static security personnel are best suited to areas where constant surveillance of people or property operating in a fixed area is required. Whether it is a valuable stock in a commercial space or secure areas in a building, static guards are able to provide the uninterrupted monitoring you need to minimize the possibility of an intrusion.

The key to making the right decision is to understand the specific needs of your property, and how different security solutions can meet these needs. It is obvious that the security needs of a jewellery store differ considerably from those of a jewellery store, but have you taken into account the different needs of the different jewellers? Your location, assets, business activities – all of which will affect the nature of the threats you face, and the types of security measures required to deal with them. In this context, it is important to take into account the relative forces of static security and mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrols

On the other hand, mobile patrols are more suitable for areas where the assets are physically larger or spread over a larger area, such as industrial facilities or construction sites. This does not mean that the assets under your protection have a lower monetary value than those protected by static security personnel, but because of their size or design, they are more difficult to remove from the site. Think of the difference between cash or jewellery and construction equipment or commercial vehicles. These assets are often stored on larger properties, making constant monitoring of all items prohibitively or simply impractical.

In addition to confirming the security of assets, mobile patrols can also be used to provide maintenance checks and hazard reports, reports throughout their shift, in addition to their normal duties. Not only is your property protected from vandalism or theft, but your employees are also protected from defective equipment and workplace accidents.

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