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Security Mobile Patrols in Perth

You probably know that security guards’ services play an important role in protecting businesses and homes. For most people, work does not seem to be limited to walking around a building or looking for potential shoplifters. But did you know that the security guards are more focused on crime prevention measures? They are trained to avoid potential security risks and are vigilant to counter future threats.

Security problems in the neighbourhood range from suspicious hikes and occupied vehicles parked in dark places to careless drivers and home burglaries. But whatever your definition of security is, the fact is that you need to use the necessary means to protect your family from damage and destruction of your property; this is where a professional security service comes in. Although they are not police officers, the presence of uniformed security officers can deter potential criminals and others who find it acceptable to cause chaos on their streets. Even better, hiring security personnel to respond means less potentially dangerous contact between residents and anyone who causes a problem.

In fact, there are many other unsightly factors that play an important role in determining the value of your home, such as nearby criminal activity, accidents, police visits and cleaning up in the area. A security patrol has the power to protect their community and the value of their property.

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective security solution. Mobile patrol security vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide your facilities with external and internal controls, perimeter controls, alarms, welfare controls, personnel escorts and municipal security patrols.

Mobile security patrol checks can be performed periodically or randomly, depending on your individual needs. The goal is to use random sampling to prevent potential criminals from working on our routine. As part of this service, our mobile security officers check all doors, gates, doors, windows and entrances to ensure that everything is closed and protected. Connection to the control centre technology, which makes it possible to take additional safety measures in an emergency. Change the unlock/lock times at short notice. Mobile Patrols can also be organised to visits for pet food and plant irrigation.

Mobile security personnel are licensed by the West Australian Police, certified in First Aid, have a valid West Australian driver’s license and are trained in customer service. The work of a security guard does not simply end with the first threat being addressed. They constantly monitor the daily events in case something happens. If you do, you are ready to report anything important to the appropriate authorities. This information will be indispensable in the course of the procedure through the criminal justice system.

It’s easy to hire a security patrol in Perth when you work with Oceanic Security Services. Call us today to learn more about what one of our trained safety professionals can do for you and your company!

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