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Significance of Security for Mining Sites in Perth

Resources are valuable for a country’s industries and the economy. There are different mines all over Western Australia, especially in Perth. Some resources are more valuable than others and need to be safeguarded in an appropriate manner. Keeping in mind, that there is bauxite, valuable black coal (diamond is extracted from coal mines) and multiple gold mines in or around Perth. These mine sites have thousands of workers and machinery worth millions of dollars. For the safety of mining sites in Perth, it is important to hire security for mining sites.

Mining sites are worth trillions of dollars and they are a huge source of income for the mining companies, industries and the government. Especially for Australia whose economy is based on these resources, the protection and security of these mining sites cannot be taken for granted. Considering the law and order situation of Perth, where the crime rate is rising and can be ranked as highest in all over Australia, security for mining sites is important. Security for mining sites in Perth can help you with the following problems.

  1. Protection for resources: The mining sites can be quiet high profile, we are talking about gold and diamond. And stealing something of a high amount can be easy here. The resource that is being extracted is a mining company’s core asset and risking its theft can be a big concern.
  2. Protection of Equipment: The drilling and extraction equipment at the mining sites costs millions of dollars. The equipment used for telecommunication, automation and specialized tools is of grave significance for the company. Recently in the New South Wales region, $100million worth of mining equipment was stolen which was a considerable loss for the company. This makes security for mining sites in Perth very important.
  3. Security of Personnel: alongside with the resources, your people working at the mining site are the most precious asset. There are multiple safety and security risks for the people at sites. Mining is the most high-risk industry and the personnel can be under threat from machinery accidents, security threat from unauthorized people, terrorism at the sites or other days today arguments. These can be avoided if the company has hired mining site security.
  4. General Safety at mining sites: Mining sites cannot be closed from all sides. Anyone can enter a mining site from open areas. Mining site security can be used for access compliance and checking visitors and not allowing unauthorized personnel to enter the facility.
  5. Emergency response: The mining sites are usually highly flammable areas, especially where coal is being extracted. There can be explosions, fires and mishaps at mining sites which can cause potential injuries and hazards. There can be vandalism by the staff against the company’s property which needs to be avoided. The workers can protest or go on strikes which can cause damage to property or setting fire to the mine site. To avoid all these emergency situations and devastation, security for mining sites in Perth is a necessity.

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